Why Choose ICS?

While the economic climate is constantly changing with ups and downs, ICS has maintained consistent stability with the same key leadership and high standards of excellence since its inception in 1974.

Full Integration
Timely and organized information is crucial to the execution of public safety efforts.  With a fully integrated suite (Dispatch, Law, Fire, EMS, and Emergency Operations), those who work to make communities safer can easily correspond with contributing agencies to ensure every aspect of information is available during the greatest time of need.

Each member of the ICS team truly believes in the importance and significance of the products and services that are provided for its customers.  A key component of this is consistent support from the very beginning of the implementation process and continued throughout years, and even decades, of a great partnership.

By concentrating its efforts on a small geographical region of the US, ICS gives a hands-on approach to each of its customers.  This unique specialization offers benefits of familiarity with specific state regulations and eliminates many unnecessary aspects often associated with programs written for a larger customer base.

In addition, 100% of our support department has been a user of the ICS software as either a dispatcher or an officer in patrol/CID.  They know the struggles that can occur in these jobs and are well-equipped to address those issues from the point-of-view of a user.

Single Author-All Software
When multiple software programs are being used by an agency, the importance of consistency and compatibility of those programs is evident to the users.  This not only eliminates the need for coordination of numerous vendors, but it also contributes significant ease to those utilizing the programs on a day-to-day basis.  ICS takes great pride in its highly skilled developers that create all of the software in-house to eliminate those inconsistencies and lack of compatibility.