Records Management

Law enforcement professionals are faced with increasing amounts of administrative and clerical tasks. ICS recognizes that unless we  provide these heroes with tools to simplify and streamline these tasks, citizens will receive a reduction in true public safety activities.


Incident Entry, Verification and Security

ICS offers a complete, officer-friendly, IBR/UCR approved records management system. Incidents can be submitted to the state with a few simple key strokes. This is possible because of tight integration with the Computer-Aided Dispatch that both automatically  imports key information and generates incident narratives (employs narrative templates by incident type). The final component is a comprehensive verification routine that ensures all FBI/DPS submittals are accurate.

ICS employs a very robust security system that restricts the viewing records relating to a juvenile, internal affairs, drug enforcement, agency (multi-agency enabled), workstation ID, user and many more filters.


Book-In/Jail Management

ICS offers

an extremely flexible incarceration process (enter the incident, arrest and/or book-in information in any order).   Whether you have no cells or run a county prison, this easy-to-use system allows the officer/jailer to quickly process an inmate by   importing information from the call, arrest, incident and/or book-in data.

This comprehensive module captures the following information:

  • book-in and release information
  • agency to bill, bonds
  • inmate’s property
  • property issued
  • medications/treatments/medical history/diet
  • accounting log
  • administrative action
  • phone calls
  • photos/video/sound bites
  • detainers
  • contacts
  • visitors
  • events


Field Intelligence

A critical part of quality investigative work is the gathering and processing of information (from multiple sources). ICS offers a tool that captures information on individuals, locations, vehicles and property. In addition, narratives, vi

deo, sound bites, photos and  special events can be included and are searchable.


Crime Analysis

Reducing crime is summarized by an age old saying – “Predicting the future is accomplished by understanding past patterns.” This is how our crime analysis tools help officers predict future crimes and solve crimes more quickly. Historic incidents can be mined from our comprehensive database and presented on a map. Also, data can be presented in    queries with drill down and filtering capability.


Beat Management

More forward-thinking agencies are utilizing these new techniques of assembling and presenting information as part of their shift briefing. ICS provides powerful tools to accomplish these time critical tasks. Information is automatically assembled and summarized from the prior shift(s) and presented to the on-coming shift(s) to achieve situational awareness.